Anna Freud Altruistic Analysis Grant Application (AFAA)

Basic Grant Information

Applicant Eligibility

AFAA Grants are open to ACP members only and grantees must maintain membership during the course of the grant.

Grant Eligibility

Grants subsidize the following:

  • a low-fee analysis
  • an increase of session frequency to 3-5/week
  • work with parents 2/month or more
  • treatment of patients who fall within the applicant's home Institute age limit for a child analysis case

Grant Process

  1. Completed AFAA grant applications may be submitted online at any time and are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  2. Applications are reviewed by the committee and applicants receive decision by emailed letter as soon as possible. The grant timer begins on date of award letter. 
  3. At the end of six months, grantee submits 6 Month Work Documentation and completed IRS form W9 or W8-BEN to ACP. Committee reviews work documentation. Once approved, half of total grant money is sent to grantee.
  4. At the end of twelve months, grantee submits 12 Month Work Documentation form which is reviewed. Once approved, the second and final half of the grant money is sent to grantee. All paperwork must be received in a timely manner. Grant recipients are responsible for all paperwork and timing of submissions. Failure to comply with the timelines and process may result in forfeiture of grant money and/or refusal of future grants.
  5. Grant recipients who submitted a W9 receive a 1099 form from ACP in January of the next year. Recipients are responsible for any tax on the amount received.

Additional Information

  • Applicants may request up to $5000 per year.
  • AFAA  Application forms are available on the ACP website.
  • Grants may be renewed twice for a total support of three years of treatment for the same case.
  • Grants and grant renewals are not guaranteed; disbursements depend on the financial circumstances of ACP at the time. Grants that are approved are guaranteed.
  • Grant recipients are responsible for submitting all required paperwork within the set time frames. 

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