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A new parenting book by The Grandmothers of Hanna Perkins

Timeless Advice for Parents of Young Children:

How to Understand Your Child’s Behavior and

Respond Effectively in Almost Any Situation

This book is a compilation of more than sixty brief articles for parents on how to understand and help with a myriad of behaviors and issues young children exhibit and encounter articles are informed by psychoanalytic understandings of the inner life, developmental stages, and the importance of

feelings, with topics ranging from separation to toddler struggles to talking about death. Authors, Maria Kaiser, M. Ed; Kathy Smith Baker, M. Ed.; Georgianna (Gann) Roberts, M. Ed.Ginny Steininger, M. Ed; are all early childhood educators and directors.  They spent much of their professional life consulting with Erna Furman,

Psychoanalyst, and wished they had had the knowledge they gained when they were raising their

own children.  They have tremendous empathy for parents, a certain amount of wit and humor,

incredible energy, and an admirable commitment to sharing what they've learned with the

younger generation of parents in this changing world.  Barbara Streeter, Psychoanalyst and

Director of the Hanna Perkins School, served as their consultant as they produced the more than

sixty parent friendly articles.

The review on the back cover of the book states:

“Children don’t come with an instruction manual, but this parenting book is about as close as

you can get. Written by a group of wise early-childhood development experts, it’s an easy-to-

read behavioral guide to what’s going on in your young child’s mind in almost any situation –

from public tantrums to noticing people with disabilities to preparing for the first day of

preschool. Whether you read it cover to cover or reach for it when the going gets tough, it will

help bring out that loving, nurturing, patient and resourceful parent that lives in all of us.”

More information can be found at:



ACP Member Ivan Sherick, Ph.D has two new books available. Please see the links below





By Ivan Sherick, Ph.D.




This book is about psychoanalytic technique with patients of all ages.  It covers the referral for consultation and continues through termination of a treatment. It explains the psychoanalytic issues involved in language accessible and available to all.  Clinical examples are provided.  Recommended readings are included at the end.  A sample of topic headings are: Psychoanalytic Concepts of Development, Psychoanalytic Model of the Mind, Referral, Evaluation, Recommendation, The Frame, Establishing Working Alliance, Resistance, Transference, Real & Developmental Object, Countertransference, Interpretation, Acting Out, Work With Parents, Termination, Brief Clinical Illustrations, Dealing with Illness and Death, Planned Retirement of the Analyst.

Ivan Sherick, Ph.D. is a psychoanalyst trained to see people of all ages.  He is in private practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He was trained in child/adolescent psychoanalysis at The Hampstead Clinic in London, England, under Miss Anna Freud’s direction.  He later completed adult psychoanalytic training at The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute. He formerly was the Child Development Director of the Allen Creek Preschool in Ann Arbor, MI, a founding member of the Alliance of Psychoanalytic Schools.

The author Ivan Sherick Ph.D. may be contacted at



By Ivan Sherick, Ph.D.


This book is about how the mind develops over the entire lifespan, from infancy to old age.  It explains psychoanalytic concepts in terms that make these concepts accessible and available to all.  While the focus is on normal development over the life span, the book touches upon deviant development when such outcomes can easily be understood in the context of normality.  Recommended readings are included at the end. A sample of chapter headings are: The decision to have a child, A newborn and first-time parenting/Oral Phase, the Toddler years/Anal [Urethral} Phase, The Oedipal Years, Latency, Divorce: Helping children cope, Middle adolescence, Young Adulthood, Homosexuality, Middle Age, Grand parenthood, Old Age.

Ivan Sherick, Ph.D. is a psychoanalyst trained to see people of all ages.  He is in private practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He was trained in child/adolescent psychoanalysis at The Hampstead Clinic in London, England, under Miss Anna Freud’s direction.  He later completed adult psychoanalytic training at The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute. He formerly was the Child Development Director of the Allen Creek Preschool in Ann Arbor, MI, a founding member of the Alliance of Psychoanalytic Schools.

The author Ivan Sherick Ph.D. may be contacted at



ACP Member Charles A. Sarnoff, MD has a book available.  Please see the link below:


Charles A. Sarnoff, M.D. presents "The Desktop Manual of Childhood Psychotherapy" his latest work based on 60 years of experience as a Child Analyst and a Diplomate of the American Board of Child Psychiatry.

Two people forty years apart shared a childhood.


The boy became a pediatrician.

The father a child psychiatrist.


Through professional discussions of clinical issues, the son enhanced his grasp of developmental childhood psychopathology, and the father became humble in the face of challenges to theory.


Their interchange became this book. 


Larger Book Cover - Charles Sarnoff full page ad.pdf






ACP member Dianne Manning, Ph.D. has a book available. Please see the link below


ALMOST PERFECT, will be available FREE as an ebook on Amazon for 5 days over the Labor Day Weekend, August 29-September 2.  The main character is 13 year-old Benny Neusner who attends a psychoanalytic school. Benny is in treatment with a child analyst, and several scenes include interactions between them.

The free ebook can be found on Amazon (ALMOST PERFECT by Diane Daniels Manning) or through the link below.

Almost Perfect



ACP members Anita Schmukler and Paula Atkeson new book: Teaching Effective Supervison of Child and Adolescent Analysis

Teaching Effective Supervision of Child and Adolescent Analysis: Enriching the Candidate's Clinical Experience is intended to help the supervisor of child and adolescent analysis. In presenting the supervisory experiences of their volume contributors, Anita G. Schmukler and Paula G. Atkeson offer a diverse guidebook that assists both the supervising analysts and their candidates in their respective work with children. Focusing on assessment, working with parents, transference and countertransference, ethical dilemmas, play therapy, and fantasies and dreams, this volume ultimately assists the candidate in making careful assessments to determine optimal treatment.

Editorial Reviews

Drs. Atkeson and Schmukler have collected papers that not only summarize the available literature on supervision of child and adolescent analysis but provide substantive ideas for conceptualizing the very complex processes involved in such an endeavor. This book offers both the conceptual and the practical, so that both the ‘why’ and the ‘how to’ of making supervision a helpful undertaking are closely linked in the reader's mind.
(Carla Elliott-Neely, Washington Center for Psychoanalysis)

This outstanding book makes an invaluable contribution to the education of the child analyst; written by a group of skilled and experienced clinicians and supervisors, it covers essential issues in the teaching and learning of child analysis in a highly informative and practical way. A work that can serve as a guide and model for students and teachers, this book is essential reading for anyone engaged in the field of child analysis.
(Theodore J. Jacobs, M.D., New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute)

This book examines the work of supervision throughout the various phases of a child and adolescent psychoanalytic treatment, with specific focus on the tasks pertinent to each phase. This specificity, combined with wonderful clinical examples, makes the study essential reading for both seasoned supervisors and for those just starting out. With this study, Schmukler and Atkeson make a contribution that is invaluable in itself, and in expanding and deepening the scholarly literature on this often neglected topicundefineda topic crucial for its clinical and conceptual implications. (Laurie Levinson, PhD)

Teaching Effective Supervision of Child and Adolescent Analysis is a timely, masterful, and comprehensive contribution to the sparse literature on supervision of child and adolescent treatment. The detailed rich examples from clinical experience will be of value to all who supervise and treat children psychologically. A must for child analysts who wish to become effective supervisors. (Wendy Olesker, PhD, New York Psychoanalytic Review)

About the Authors

Anita G. Schmukler, DO, is a training and supervising analyst as well as supervisor in child analysis at the Philadelphia Center for Psychoanalysis. She is clinical associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Paula Atkeson, PhD, is a training and supervising analyst as well as child supervisor at the Baltimore Washington Institute for Psychoanalysis. She is a faculty member of the Baltimore Washington Institute.



Recent publications by ACP member Dr. Paul Marcus:

How to Laugh Your Way Through Life

In Search of the Spiritual

Military Strategy Psychoanalysis



Helping Young Children Grow by Erna Furman, previously out of print, is now available on Kindle and can be purchased in the Amazon Kindle bookstore. The original book and the three part series are currently available, with plans to publish the Teacher’s Edition within the year.

 “Helping Young Children Grow is a comprehensive course in child development, written in non-technical terms and suitable for students, parents, educators, medical students, and mental health professionals- and anyone who works with children and parents. It is a clear and practical guide to understanding children, child development and personality development, written from a psychodynamic perspective by a renowned child psychoanalyst. The book uses a three part format: 1) Relationships in Early Childhood, 2) Learning Self-Control and Coping with Daily Tasks, and 3) Using Inner Resources to Enrich Life, and includes a chapter on Bereavement in childhood. The author, Erna Furman, was associated with the Hanna Perkins Center, the Cleveland Center for Research in Child Development and the Hanna Perkins School, and this course in child development was developed as a project of the Center. The research group collaborated to create this high school course, which was first used and taught in the Shaker Heights, Ohio, school system and in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, and has been and is being currently used as a "teach the teacher course." The book takes a conversational tone and uses a Socratic approach, and is accessible to both lay and professional readers.”

Search <Helping Young Children Grow> on Amazon or Amazon Kindle to find these books.

To access the book on Amazon click here: Helping Young Children Grow


Book on Ethiopian Children , "Sheba and Solomon's Return" By Nathan Szajnberg, MD

"An exciting, thought-provoking and stimulating book which ... reads like a novel. We could not put it down and eagerly followed the lives of the forty-six children, their parents, and their playful and moving interactions over three years with Dr. Szajnberg.

This is his third book in the series supported by the Wallerstein Research Fellowship and well meets its goal of supporting psychoanalytic research.  Dr. Szajnberg is a caring physician, a participant observer like his models Freud and Levy-Strauss, an empirical psychoanalyst using validated and reliable instruments, and a social activist pointing toward future interventions..... The author combines the intensive, long-term investigation of a psychoanalytic clinician and anthropologist with the empirical methods of a psychologist to arrive at striking findings, to question received knowledge, and to suggest crucial interventions in populations worldwide to facilitate positive growth in dislocated, traumatized and endangered groups. 

This engaging study of Falasha/Falasha Mura will appeal to everyone. Like one of the Ethiopian children, we would like to keep Dr. Szajnberg with us for longer. The book will have special appeal to all child workers and developmental researchers and should refute those who believe that psychoanalysis is no longer relevant. "
- Kerry Kelly Novick and Jack Novick, PhD

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