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Councilors Nominees

Geoff Goodman, Ph.D

Ruth Baer Maetezner, Ph.D

Working with children and adolescent analytically is extremely important for each individual but also for our society. Promotion and dissemination of this crucial skill are at my heart as clinician.

I did my clinical training in Adult and Child Psychology at the University of Zurich and obtained my Ph.D. for work on "Eating and Feeding - The Significance of Food for the development of the child in different cultures.” One of my interests is helping families with their adjustment to a new culture and supporting adolescents as they adapt to the transition between their cultures of origin and their new adopted country.

After completing the Parent Infant Program at Columbia University I completed my training as Adult-, Child- and Adolescent analyst at Columbia University as well.

Elissa Baldwin Murphy, Ph.D, LCSW is a child, adolescent and adult psychoanalyst in Durham, NC, and is honored to have been nominated for councilor with the ACP.

Dr. Murphy is a graduate of the NCSU School of Design (BLA), the UNC Chapel Hill School of Social Work (MSW), the Smith College School for Social Work (PhD) and the Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas (PCC) in Child and Adult Psychoanalysis. She trained as a Circle of Security Parent Facilitator and holds a certificate in Advanced Clinical Supervision from the Smith College School for Social Work. She is a psychoanalytic psychotherapy supervisor with the PCC.

Dr. Murphy has been on the faculty of the PCC since 2011 and is currently Chair of the PCC Curriculum Committee. She has served on the PCC Membership Committee, is active with the PCC Anti Racism Task Force, coordinates a monthly study group on Race & Psychoanalysis, and has been a lecturer and/or research advisor at the PCC, Smith College School for Social Work, and UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work. She has taught and helped design courses on comparative psychoanalytic theory, deepening treatment, psychodynamic child treatment, child development, psychodynamic diagnosis, play, race in the psychoanalytic classroom, and termination.

Her most recent writing and presentations relate to psychoanalytic work with parents, child and adolescent psychoanalysis, the work of D.W. Winnicott, and ideological ruptures in relational psychotherapies. Dr. Murphy has also conducted longitudinal qualitative research exploring the experiences of parents with children in ongoing psychodynamic treatment.

Barbara Falk Sabbath, PhD, I am a member of the Contemporary Freudian Society. I graduated from the adult program of the CFS in 2002 and from the child and adolescent program of the Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research at Columbia in 2012. Before becoming an analyst, I taught Kindergarten/ first grade for 3 years. After completing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Long Island University, I did a Postdoc in Pediatrics and Psychiatry at Yale where I conducted clinical research and wrote papers on the adjustment of children and families to chronic childhood illness. Subsequently I worked as a psychologist in the Department of Neurosurgery at Westchester County Medical Center I see adults, adolescents and children in person and virtually from my home in New Rochelle New York, a suburb of NYC.

Kevin Udis PhD, Hello. I am a child and adult psychoanalyst In the Denver Boulder area. I am committed to child and adolescent psychoanalysis because I know of no treatment that can be more effective for young people. As you know, children can be challenged by delays in development but can strikingly reveal benefits from analysis in interaction with newfound developmental growth. Even today it is not uncommon to hear misconceptions from our colleagues about the far reaching impact that child analysis often has. Child analytic work is often hard to launch and sustain . Similarly, we are challenged to sustain the work of learning and teaching child psychoanalysis. I am drawn to help organize and facilitate ways of supporting child analysis within our most challenging world. To this end I am interested in facilitating ways we can share pragmatic ways to help candidates gain and sustain cases. I am also interested in helping this organization utilize thoughtful technology to pool our resources in ways that can help connect the wisdom of seasoned analysts with newly minted analysts and candidates. The pandemic forced us onto Zoom ad similar video platforms. Though I do not believe video conferences are a replacement for meeting in person, ongoing video work over the course of the pandemic has revealed a tool that can bring us together particularly in supervision and work groups. I would be interesting how we might explore ways to utilize these methods between our national meeting each year.

 Karen Weise, Clinical Psychologist (PhD) and Child & Adolescent Psychoanalyst

 I am interested in the ACP councilor position after several years as a member, or in some cases chair or co-   chair, of different committees including both the Program Committee and the Donation and Grants   committee. I have a PhD in clinical psychology from City College in New York and am a child and adolescent   psychoanalyst, trained at the Hampstead Clinic (Anna Freud Centre) in London. I am presently in practice in   Washington DC where in the past I have been a staff psychologist at Children's National Medical Center, and  the Reginald S. Lourie Center for Infants & Young Children. Additionally, I have long been involved in   psychoanalytic education and on the child faculty of the Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis   and am the chair of the Child & Adolescent track In the PsyD program at George Washington University (DC). Clinically, I have special interests in working with children and adolescents who are gender questioning/ non-conforming, with Asperger’s Disorder and/ or with adoption histories. On a personal note, I am mother to a high school junior who is setting her sights on college, and so I am setting mine on becoming more involved with the ACP. Thanks for reading!

Ballots must be completed no later than midnight on March 21, 2023


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