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President-Elect and Secretary-Elect

President-Elect Nominee: Rick Hall

Secretary-Elect Nominee: Anita Bryce

 Roderick “Rick” Hall, Ph.D. is on the ACP Council and began serving as the ACP Director of Marketing in 2019.  As ACP President-Elect and ACP President, Rick Hall will continue to strive for the promotion of child and adolescent psychoanalysis with the goal of creating a greater public awareness of how valuable it can be in setting a child’s or adolescent’s life on a different trajectory.  In addition, Dr. Hall will continue to support the ACP Council and our current President and President-Elect to increase ACP’s Clinical, Candidate, International and Collegial Membership and expand ACP’s impact internationally.

Rick has been actively involved in the creation of the new ACP website and has been involved as Chair or committee member in several committees of the Child Section of APsaA’s Department of Psychoanalytic Education (DPE).

Dr. Hall received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from George Washington University and has a private practice in Coronado, California where he sees children and adolescents in psychoanalytic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis about 70% of the time.  He is currently President of the San Diego Psychoanalytic Center and has been Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Training at the San Diego Psychoanalytic Center since 2013.  He is also proud to be one of the organizers of the on-line classes in child and adolescent psychoanalysis of the consortium of Western Institutes affiliated with APsaA which is finishing its sixth year.

Anita K. Bryce, Ph.D. received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Vanderbilt University and her MSW and Ph.D from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a graduate of the Adult and Child Psychoanalytic Training Programs of the Baltimore Washington Psychoanalytic Institute. She has been the director of a childrens partial hospital program and an adolescent day hospital program and for the last 35 years she has been in private practice in McLean, Virginia and Washington DC. Dr. Bryce is a Supervising and Training Analyst at the Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis ( WBCP) and a past director of the Child and Adolescent Training Program at the WBCP. She is a past president of the Baltimore Washington Psychoanalytic Society and the current president of the WBCP. She has been an active member of ACP, serving on the Executive Council. Dr. Bryce has been on a number of university faculty throughout the years and has published in the areas of partial hospitalization for children, mental health worker burnout and mental health law. As secretary of ACP she will work to expand the membership base and to enhance the visibility and impact of our organization and all that it has to offer the community, at both a micro and a macro level.

President-Elect Nominee: Susan Sherkow

Secretary-Elect Nominee: Christie Huddleston

 Susan P. Sherkow, M.D. is a Training/Supervising Analyst at the BPI, and a Supervising Child/Adolescent Analyst at NYPSI.  She joined the   Board of ACP as Councilor in 2004, and in 2008 she became Chair of the Nominating Committee, serving variably as Chair or Co-Chair   through  2017. She is currently serving as Chair of the Development Committee. In addition, Dr. Sherkow has been both Presenter and   Discussant at ACP Workshops over the years, including presenting a Plenary on “The Primal Scene.”

 Dr. Sherkow has been published in JAPA, The PSC, and Psychoanalytic Inquiry on a range of topics, including eating disorders, sexual abuse   in young children, “watched play,” analysis of children under five, and autism. She has also contributed chapters on the neurocircuitry   underlying developmental differences and on arrogance in children. She is the co-author of the book Autism Spectrum Disorder: Perspectives   from Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience (2013.) Dr. Sherkow is a Dr. Sherkow received the Ritvo prize in child psychoanalysis from the Yale   Child Study Center in 2010, and the Philip Wilson Memorial award in 2019 from IPE. She founded The Sherkow Center for Child Development   and Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2012, a not-for-profit organization created to support training, treatment, and research on ASD and   developmental delays.

 Christie Huddleston M.D. is an adult and child psychoanalyst practicing in Philadelphia. She currently serves on the ACP   Board as a Councilor, and is co-Chair of the Extension Division and member of the Child Analyst Traveling Scholar   committee. She is actively involved in the Councilor’s Project.  Dr. Huddleston has also served as a presenter and   discussant at ACP Workshops. In addition, Dr. Huddleston is assistant clinical professor at the Hospital of the University of   Pennsylvania where she supervises residents and is Coordinator for the Applied Psychoanalytic Curriculum for Child   Fellows at CHOP.  Dr. Huddleston is a Training/Supervising Analyst and Child/Adolescent Supervising Analyst with the   Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia (PCOP). She is a past Director of the Adult Psychoanalytic Program and current   Chair of the Gerald Pearson Child Analytic Lectureship and Candidate Progressions Committee.  She has written a chapter on the “Developmental Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse” and recently co-authored, with Edward Kohn and Adele Kaufman,  Analyzing Children:  Psychological Structure, Trauma, Development and Therapeutic Action


Barbara Streeter is the Education and Therapy Director of the Hanna Perkins School and Chair of the Cleveland Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Training Program, the result of a collaboration between the Hanna Perkins Center [HPC] and the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center [CPC].  Ms. Streeter received her certification as a Child and Adolescent Psychoanalyst through the Cleveland Center for Research in Child Development [now HPC] in 1981 and is currently a Supervising Child and Adolescent Analyst serving on the Education Committee of the CPC.  Ms. Streeter was Treasurer of the ACP from 2012-2014 and again this past term 2018-2020.  She was a co-editor of the ACP Newsletter from 1998 to 2003.  She also served as Treasurer and President of the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Society.   Having trained at the Bank Street College of Education and worked as an early childhood educator, Ms. Streeter has been actively involved in initiatives focused on bringing psychoanalytic understandings to educators in preschools and child care centers.  She directed the Hanna Perkins Center Extension Programs which provided courses and consultations in the community, helped develop and implement the HPC National Day Care Consultation Alliance, and currently is President of the Alliance for Psychoanalytic Schools. Ms. Streeter is running again for treasurer of the ACP because she believes her knowledge of and experience with the ACP budget and Endowment account will facilitate her ability to manage the ACP’s finances.


Theodore Fallon, Jr, MD, MPH, FAACAP, FABP is board certified in adult as well as child and adolescent psychoanalysis, and is also board certified and practiced in psychiatry, child psychiatry, infectious diseases, internal and adolescent medicine.  He also is on the board of trustees and a site visitor of the Accreditation Counsel for Psychoanalytic Education (ACPEinc) representing and reviewing child psychoanalytic training.  Member of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry on the committee for Professionalism and Ethics, along with being the former chair of the Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Training Program of the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia for 7 years Member and faculty of the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia and corresponding member of the Western New England Psychoanalytic Society. Finally, Theodore is a former member of C OCAPP

In collaboration with Sam Ritvo, he developed curriculum for psychoanalytic training including Psychoanalytic Theories of the Mind and other courses and training focused on development of the mind. He completed Research and clinical work exploring maturation in development and allowing him to do deep effective analytic work with cases traditionally outside the normal scope of psychoanalysis including individuals with substance use, psychosis, autistic spectrum, obsessive compulsive disorder, transgender and somatization syndromes. Private clinical practice, supervision with full range of clinicians from medical students to newly credentialed social workers to psychoanalytic candidates.  Provides psychoanalytic and psychiatric consultation for an adolescent day treatment program.

Ruth K. Karush, M.D.- I am running for the position of Councilor and I hope that you consider voting for me.  I would like to work with the Executive Committee of the ACP to continue to fulfill our mission to spread psychoanalytic thinking in the evaluation and treatment of children.  Currently, I am retired from the practice of child and adult psychoanalysis and psychiatry.  I continue to teach and supervise analytic students and have the time to devote to working for the ACP.

I began my career at NYPSI in 1974 first as a candidate in adult and then in child psychoanalysis.  I became a Training and Supervising Analyst and a Child Supervising Analyst. My career included being Director of the Treatment Center, Associate Dean for Child Analysis and finally Dean of Education.  On the national level, I was Chair of the Committee of Child and Adolescent Analysis (COCAA) from 1999 to 2005 and again from 2007 to 2010.  I have served as co-Chair of the ACP Program Committee and was Chair and Co-Chair of Arrangements for many years.  I was a Councilor of the ACP for 2 different terms and served as ACP President from 2004 to 2006.

I have published articles on the topics of dreams and aggression as related to child analysis.  I was extremely gratified to have received The Charles Brenner Award for contributions to Psychoanalytic Education and to have been selected to deliver the Marianne Kris Lecture in 2013. I am devoted to the mental healthcare and treatment of children and hope I will have the opportunity to continue to pursue these interests on the ACP Executive Committee.

 Jacqueline Langley is a doctoral level psychologist and child and adolescent psychoanalyst who has been in full time private practice in St. Louis, Missouri for over 35 years. Dr. Langley has trained in child and adolescent psychoanalysis in St. Louis and Ann Arbor, Michigan under Jack and Kerry Kelly Novick and Michael Singer. She graduated from the Michigan Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Program and has presented her child and adolescent cases at the American Psychoanalytic Association twice and the International Psychoanalytic Association once all with Jack and Kerry Kelly Novick. Recently two of her cases were published in the Parent Casebook edited by Jack and Kerry Kelly Novick  and Tom and Denia Barrett. One of her adolescent cases will be published in the Child Analyst at Work section in the next volume of the Psychoanalytic Study of the Child. She has received awards for her high quality of teaching in classes at the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute on child and adolescent development and treatment with children, adolescents and their parents from a psychoanalytic perspective for several years and created and taught in programs and seminars for the community regarding all aspects of child and adolescent development and treatment.

 Dr. Langley has served as co-chair for adolescent programming for the Community Education Committee for the St. Louis institute for over fifteen year and is Course Master for Case Conference for the Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program. She teaches in both the Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy training program on the adolescent stage and treatment of adolescents and she supervises both advanced psychotherapy students and candidates in case conference in the Child Psychoanalytic Training Program in St. Louis. Given her lifetime devotion to teaching about and treating children and adolescents and their parents in psychoanalysis successfully and her development and sustention of a thriving full time child and adolescent psychoanalytic practice, Dr. Langley is an excellent candidate for working alongside others in The Association for Child Psychoanalysis to promote further treatment and training opportunities in child and adolescent psychoanalysis. Please vote for Jacqueline Langley for Counselor in The Association of Child Psychoanalysis. She will work hard and with the same devotion she has demonstrated in her institutes and private practice.

Nancie V. Senet, Ph.D.-I am an adult, child, and adolescent psychologist/psychoanalyst in private practice in New Jersey. Psychoanalytic organizations are engaged in work so very important to both professionals and the public, now more than ever because of the difficult atmosphere in which psychoanalysts work. Currently, I serve as Treasurer of the Contemporary Freudians in APsaA (CFIA).  I am on the Steering Committee of the Psychotherapy Action Network (PsiAN), an advocacy organization that promotes psychotherapies of depth, insight, and relationship.  ACP is a Strategic Partner of PsiAN and I serve as our liason to it. Previously, for many years I served as editor of the newsletter for the Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis in New Jersey.  I have taught courses on early development at the Contemporary Freudian Institute. My research on preschool children’s linking of genitals and gender was published in the Psychoanalytic Quarterly in 2004.

Molly Witten, PhD is a Clinicial Psychologist and Training and Supervising Analyst who practices Adult & Child Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and Infant Mental Health as well as teaching, supervising, and consulting, as a faculty member of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute. Her clinical interests include development of mind during infancy, how early development informs our later relationships and psychological structure, and the unfolding of clinical process in developmentally informed psychodynamic psychotherapy. She serves as Director of the Parent Child Workshops, a parent-child-peer psychoanalytically informed playgroup for children at risk for disorders of relationship and play.

Most current publication, in December 2019, is: Miller, L. J., Witten, M. R., Ahn, R. R., & Schoen, S. A. (2019). “Assessment of Sensory Processing Disorder: The Interplay of Sensation, Affect, and Relationship.” In R. DelCarmen-Wiggins, & A. S. Carter (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Mental Health Assessment, Second Edition (Chapter 12). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.  She is a member of a research group that has published two articles regarding the ways in which psychoanalytic education is evolving into the future. [Schneider, J. Wilkerson, D. Solomon, B. Perlman, C. Duval, D. Shelby, D. Witten, M. (2017). Psychoanalytic Training Experience and Postgraduate Professional Development - Part II. Int. J. Psycho-Anal., 98(5):1385-1410.] Administratively since 2003 she has been the Director of the Parent Child Workshops, a parent-child-peer psychoanalytically informed playgroup for children at risk for disorders of relationship and play. Her most recent publications include 1) (co-authored) in the “Oxford Handbook of Infant Toddler and Preschool Infant Mental Health Assessment”, is titled, “Assessment of Sensory Processing Disorder: The Interplay with Affect in the Context of Relationship” and a journal article, 2) Witten, M. (2017). A Child Mourns the Family He Cannot Come From. Psychoanal. Inq., 37(8):549-554.  She lives in Chicago, IL US.

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